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The journey of Kevin Abstract is one that embodies self-discovery, vulnerability, and the unapologetic exploration of identity. Emerging as a force within the realm of contemporary music, Kevin Abstract has reshaped the landscape of hip-hop and popular culture through his honest lyricism, innovative sound, and boundary-pushing visuals. From his early beginnings to his present status as a cultural icon, the timeline of Kevin Abstract is a narrative of artistic evolution and personal growth.


  • 1996: Kevin Abstract is born as Ian Simpson in Corpus Christi, Texas. Raised in a conservative environment, he finds solace in music and creativity as a means of expressing his thoughts and emotions.
  • 2012: Armed with a passion for music, Kevin Abstract releases his debut mixtape titled “Kevin Abstract EP,” offering a glimpse into his introspective lyrics and unique perspective. The mixtape gains local recognition and marks his initial steps in the music industry.
  • 2014: The release of his project “MTV1987” catapults Kevin Abstract into the spotlight. The project’s blend of alternative hip-hop, R&B influences, and candid storytelling resonates with listeners, earning him praise from critics and fans alike.
  • 2015: Kevin Abstract gains widespread attention as the founder of the hip-hop collective BROCKHAMPTON. The collective, comprised of diverse talents, quickly gains a loyal following for their genre-blurring music and DIY ethos.
  • 2016: The release of his breakthrough album “American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story” solidifies Kevin Abstract‘s status as a distinctive voice in the music industry. The album delves into themes of love, identity, and growing up in America, resonating with a generation seeking authentic representation.
  • 2017: Kevin Abstract and BROCKHAMPTON release their “SATURATION” trilogy, a series of albums that catapults the collective to international acclaim. The trilogy’s success highlights Kevin Abstract‘s role as a visionary artist and his ability to lead a dynamic group of creatives.
  • 2019: The release of Kevin Abstract‘s album “ARIZONA BABY” showcases his continued growth as a solo artist. The album’s sonic diversity and introspective lyrics further solidify his position as a genre-defying icon.
  • 2021: Kevin Abstract releases “ROADRUNNER: NEW LIGHT, NEW MACHINE,” BROCKHAMPTON’s first album after a period of transformation and change. The album continues to explore themes of identity, fame, and mental health, while reaffirming Kevin Abstract‘s role as a visionary leader.


  1. “Kevin Abstract EP” (2012) – Mixtape
  2. “MTV1987” (2014) – Album
  3. “American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story” (2016) – Album
  4. “ARIZONA BABY” (2019) – Album


  • Kevin Abstract (Ian Simpson): Lead Vocals, Lyrics

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Kevin Abstract stands as a creative force who has revolutionized the world of music by unapologetically embracing his identity and breaking down traditional barriers. His journey from self-released mixtapes to global recognition as a leader of the groundbreaking collective BROCKHAMPTON showcases his unwavering commitment to authenticity and artistic innovation. As he continues to create, inspire, and challenge norms, Kevin Abstract serves as a symbol of empowerment for a generation that values individuality and creative expression.


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