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History and Timeline of Landon Austin:

Landon Austin is a talented singer-songwriter and YouTuber known for his heartfelt music and engaging online presence. Here is a timeline of his musical journey:

1988: Landon Austin was born on May 9, 1988, in Dallas, Texas, USA. His early years were marked by a deep passion for music and a desire to share his talents with the world.

2007: Austin began his music career by posting covers of popular songs on YouTube. His acoustic renditions and soothing vocals quickly gained attention and a growing fanbase.

2011: He released his debut single, “Waitin’,” which showcased his songwriting skills and ability to create emotive and relatable music.

2012: Landon Austin continued to build his online presence, collaborating with fellow YouTubers and musicians, which helped him expand his reach and connect with a diverse audience.

2013: He released his first EP, “Ready for the Fall,” featuring tracks like “Armor” and “Once in a Lifetime.” The EP’s introspective lyrics and acoustic melodies resonated with listeners.

2015: Austin’s music continued to evolve, and he released his second EP, “Something Real,” which included songs like “Stop Time” and “Where We Used to Run.” The EP demonstrated his growth as an artist.

2018: Landon Austin released his single “Slow Down Time,” which garnered positive reviews for its heartfelt message and relatable themes.

2020: Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Austin remained dedicated to creating music and engaging with his fans through virtual performances and social media.

Landon Austin’s music is characterized by its sincerity and his ability to connect with listeners through his emotive lyrics and acoustic sound.


Here is a list of Landon Austin’s notable releases:

  1. “Ready for the Fall” (2013) – Debut EP
    • Notable Tracks: “Armor,” “Once in a Lifetime”
  2. “Something Real” (2015) – EP
    • Notable Tracks: “Stop Time,” “Where We Used to Run”
  3. Various Singles – Landon Austin has released several singles, including “Waitin'” and “Slow Down Time”, contributing to his growing discography.

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