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Lincoln Brewster is an American contemporary Christian musician, singer-songwriter, and worship leader known for his exceptional guitar skills, inspirational lyrics, and impactful worship music. Born on July 30, 1971, in Fairbanks, Alaska, Brewster’s musical journey has been marked by his commitment to using his talents to connect people with their faith and spirituality.

Brewster’s passion for music and the guitar developed at a young age, and he quickly gained recognition for his exceptional guitar-playing abilities. His journey took a significant turn when he moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where he began working as a session musician and collaborating with renowned artists, including Steve Perry and Michael W. Smith.

Brewster’s self-titled debut album, “Lincoln Brewster”, was released in 1999 and showcased his unique blend of rock, pop, and worship music. The album introduced his distinct sound to the Christian music scene and featured hits like “Spin” and “What Kind of Man”. Brewster’s exceptional guitar-playing skills and heartfelt lyrics quickly garnered attention, setting the stage for his future success.

In 2002, Brewster released “Amazed”, an album that further solidified his reputation as a talented artist and worship leader. The album’s title track, “Amazed”, became a beloved worship anthem known for its powerful lyrics and reflective melody. Brewster’s ability to lead congregations in worship through his music was evident in songs like “Take Me Higher” and “Whole Again”, which resonated with listeners seeking spiritual connection.

Throughout his career, Brewster has consistently released music that inspires and uplifts, with albums like “Today Is the Day” (2008) and “Real Life” (2010) continuing to showcase his growth as a musician and songwriter. His commitment to creating music that reflects his faith and values has made him a respected figure in the contemporary Christian music genre.

In addition to his solo career, Brewster has also been involved in collaborative projects. He has been a part of the worship band Worship Central and has contributed to the Passion worship conferences, impacting worship leaders and church communities around the world.

Lincoln Brewster’s influence on the Christian music landscape is not only evident through his music but also through his role as a worship leader. His songs, including “Everlasting God” and “Today Is the Day”, have become staples in churches worldwide, helping individuals connect with their faith and express their devotion through music.


  1. “Lincoln Brewster” (1999) – Album
  2. “Live to Worship” (2000) – Album
  3. “Amazed” (2002) – Album
  4. “All to You… Live” (2005) – Album
  5. “Today Is the Day” (2008) – Album
  6. “Real Life” (2010) – Album
  7. “Joy to the World” (2012) – Album
  8. “Oxygen” (2014) – Album
  9. “God of the Impossible” (2018) – Album

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