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Maejor Ali, also known as Maejor, is a multifaceted artist, songwriter, producer, and director who has made significant contributions to the music industry through his versatile talents. Born on July 23, 1988, as Brandon Green, in Detroit, Michigan, he embarked on a dynamic journey that spans various genres and creative roles.

Maejor’s journey began with a deep passion for music, leading him to pursue songwriting and producing at a young age. His talents caught the attention of music executives, and he quickly gained recognition as a producer, collaborating with artists such as Trey Songz, Justin Bieber, Iggy Azalea, and Lloyd. His production work became synonymous with high-quality tracks, and he solidified his reputation as a hitmaker in the industry.

In 2012, Maejor introduced his artist persona, Maejor Ali, with the single “Lights Down Low”. The song’s blend of R&B and pop elements showcased his vocal abilities and songwriting skills, and it became a hit on the charts. This marked the beginning of his journey as a solo artist, where he seamlessly merged his production expertise with his own musical aspirations.

Throughout his career, Maejor continued to explore various musical styles and genres, experimenting with electronic, hip-hop, and pop sounds. He released singles like “Lolly” featuring Juicy J and Justin Bieber in 2013, which further solidified his presence in the music scene. The song’s catchy chorus and infectious energy showcased his ability to create music that resonated with a wide audience.

In addition to his music career, Maejor’s talents extended to filmmaking and directing. He directed music videos for his own songs as well as for other artists, demonstrating his creative versatility. His passion for storytelling and visual artistry allowed him to expand his creative horizons beyond music.

Maejor’s discography includes a mix of singles and collaborations, each highlighting his evolution as an artist. His ability to bridge the gap between producing and performing allowed him to craft a unique identity in the industry. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, here is a snapshot of Maejor Ali’s discography:


  • “Lights Down Low” (2012) – Single
  • “Lolly” (with Juicy J and Justin Bieber) (2013) – Single
  • “Me and My Team” (featuring Trey Songz and Kid Ink) (2015) – Single
  • “Get You Alone” (featuring Jeremih) (2015) – Single
  • “We Don’t Talk Anymore” (featuring Selena Gomez) (2016) – Single

Maejor’s contributions to the music industry extend beyond his own artistry. He has left an indelible mark through his production work, collaborations, and his dedication to pushing creative boundaries. While his musical releases have evolved over the years, his ability to consistently create music that resonates with listeners remains a defining aspect of his career.

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