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History and Timeline of Mickey Avalon

Mickey Avalon is an American rapper known for his provocative lyrics and unique blend of hip-hop, rock, and pop influences. His career has been marked by both artistic success and personal challenges. Here’s a timeline highlighting key events and milestones in the history of Mickey Avalon:

1975 – Birth: Mickey Avalon was born on December 3, 1975, as Yeshe Perl in Hollywood, California.

1990s – Early Musical Pursuits: Avalon began his musical journey in the Los Angeles music scene during the 1990s. He initially performed as part of the hip-hop group The Dyslexic Speedreaders.

2005 – Debut Album: Mickey Avalon gained widespread recognition with the release of his self-titled debut album, “Mickey Avalon.” The album featured tracks like “Jane Fonda” and “Mr. Right” and explored themes of addiction and debauchery.

2006 – Controversial Success: Avalon’s music, marked by explicit lyrics and provocative themes, sparked controversy while also gaining a cult following. His live performances were known for their raucous energy.

2008 – “Loaded” Album: Avalon released his second album, “Loaded,” which featured tracks like “Stroke Me” and “I Get Even.” The album continued to showcase his boundary-pushing lyrical style.

2012 – “Where the Fk Is Santa?”: Avalon released a holiday-themed EP titled “*Where the Fk Is Santa?*” that featured unconventional Christmas songs, including “Hollywood Christmas” and “Rock Bottom.”

2015 – “Teardrops on My Tombstone”: Avalon released his third studio album, “Teardrops on My Tombstone,” which included tracks like “Hollywood Skye” and “What Do You Say?.” The album displayed his growth as an artist while maintaining his signature edgy style.

2021 – Continued Performances: Mickey Avalon continues to perform live and connect with fans, known for his high-energy shows and charismatic stage presence.

2023 – Ongoing Influence: As of the current year, Mickey Avalon remains an influential figure in the underground hip-hop and alternative music scenes. His music continues to resonate with those drawn to his unapologetic and provocative storytelling.



  1. Mickey Avalon” (2005)
    • Notable Tracks: “Jane Fonda,” “Mr. Right,” “My Dick”
  2. Loaded” (2008)
    • Notable Tracks: “Stroke Me,” “I Get Even,” “Rock Bottom”
  3. Teardrops on My Tombstone” (2015)
    • Notable Tracks: “Hollywood Skye,” “What Do You Say?,” “On the Corner”


  1. Where the F**k Is Santa?” (2012)
    • Notable Tracks: “Hollywood Christmas,” “Rock Bottom,” “Little Red Wagon”

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Mickey Avalon’s music, while often controversial, has resonated with a dedicated fanbase drawn to his fearless approach to storytelling. Stay connected with him through his official social media accounts to stay updated on his music and performances.

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