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Miguel Bosé is a Spanish-Italian singer, actor, and philanthropist whose remarkable career has spanned decades, leaving an indelible mark on the Latin music and entertainment industries. His history and timeline are a testament to his versatile talents and enduring influence.


  • 1956: Luis Miguel González Bosé is born on April 3rd in Panama City, Panama. He is the son of the famous Spanish bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguín and Italian actress Lucía Bosè. His upbringing in a family of artists influences his artistic inclinations.
  • 1971: Miguel Bosé makes his acting debut in the film “Llanto por un bandido” at the age of 15. This marks the beginning of his career in the entertainment industry.
  • 1975: He releases his debut album, “Linda,” which includes the hit single “Anna.” The album showcases his melodic voice and sets the stage for his music career.
  • 1980s: Miguel Bosé achieves international recognition with albums like “Miguel,” “Made in Spain,” and “Salamandra.” His music blends pop, rock, and Latin elements, earning him a diverse and loyal fan base.
  • 1990: The album “Los Chicos No Lloran” features the hit single “Nena,” which becomes a major success across Latin America and Europe.
  • 1993: Bosé releases the album “Bajo el Signo de Caín,” which incorporates electronic and dance elements. The album’s experimental sound showcases his willingness to push musical boundaries.
  • 1998: He releases “Lo Mejor de Bosé,” a compilation album that celebrates his career and features some of his most beloved songs.
  • 2007: Bosé’s album “Papito” is released, featuring collaborations with numerous artists like Shakira, Juanes, and Alejandro Sanz. The album’s innovative concept of duets with other artists garners acclaim and commercial success.
  • 2013: He releases “Amo,” an album that displays his evolution as an artist while maintaining his distinct sound and lyrical depth.
  • 2017: Miguel Bosé releases “Estaré,” an album that explores themes of love, reflection, and social issues through his signature musical style.


  • Albums:
    1. Linda” (1975)
    2. Miguel” (1977)
    3. Made in Spain” (1983)
    4. Salamandra” (1986)
    5. Los Chicos No Lloran” (1990)
    6. Bajo el Signo de Caín” (1993)
    7. Papito” (2007)
    8. Amo” (2013)
    9. Estaré” (2017)

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