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History and Timeline of Patti Austin:

Patti Austin is a renowned American singer known for her versatile vocal abilities and contributions to various music genres. Here’s a timeline of her illustrious career:

1950: Patti Austin was born on August 10, 1950, in New York City, New York, USA. She was born into a family with strong musical ties, and her early exposure to music set the foundation for her future in the industry.

1955: At the age of five, Austin made her debut on the national television program “The Perry Como Show,” showcasing her remarkable singing talent.

1960s: Throughout her childhood and teenage years, Patti Austin continued to develop her singing skills and gained recognition as a child performer. She became known for her ability to sing a wide range of genres, including jazz, pop, and R&B.

1970s: Austin’s career took a significant step forward when she signed with CTI Records and released her debut album, “End of a Rainbow,” in 1976. The album featured jazz and R&B influences, showcasing her incredible vocal range and versatility.

1980s: Patti Austin’s popularity soared during this decade, thanks to her collaborations with several renowned artists, including Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson. Her vocals were featured on the hit song “It’s the Falling in Love” from Jackson’s album “Off the Wall.”

1981: Austin released her album “Every Home Should Have One,” which included the chart-topping hit “Baby, Come to Me” (with James Ingram). The song reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, solidifying her status as a prominent artist in the music industry.

1990s: Patti Austin continued to record and release albums, exploring various musical styles and genres. Her discography during this decade showcased her ability to adapt to changing musical trends while maintaining her vocal excellence.

2000s: She received critical acclaim for her album “For Ella,” a tribute to the legendary Ella Fitzgerald. The album earned Austin a Grammy Award for Best Jazz Vocal Album.

2010s: Patti Austin’s career continued to thrive as she performed at prestigious venues and festivals worldwide, captivating audiences with her timeless vocals and stage presence.

Patti Austin’s musical journey spans decades and is marked by her extraordinary talent and enduring contribution to the world of music.


Here is a selection of albums from Patti Austin’s extensive discography:

  1. “End of a Rainbow” (1976)
  2. “Every Home Should Have One” (1981)
  3. “Gettin’ Away with Murder” (1985)
  4. “For Ella” (2002)
  5. “Avant Gershwin” (2008)
  6. “Sound Advice” (2011)

These albums represent just a portion of Patti Austin’s musical output, which spans numerous genres, including jazz, R&B, pop, and more.

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