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Peter Allen was an Australian singer, songwriter, and entertainer known for his charismatic performances, catchy songs, and flamboyant personality. Born Peter Richard Woolnough on February 10, 1944, in Tenterfield, New South Wales, Australia, he would go on to become an iconic figure in the world of music and entertainment. Allen’s career spanned several decades, and he left an indelible mark on the industry.

1950s-1960s: Peter Allen’s journey in the entertainment world began at a young age. He started performing alongside his family in the Allen Brothers act, which toured around Australia. His talent as a musician and songwriter began to emerge during this period.

1970s: The 1970s marked a significant turning point in Peter Allen’s career. He gained international recognition when he wrote songs for the legendary singer Olivia Newton-John, including “I Honestly Love You.” In 1972, he released his debut solo album, titled “Peter Allen”, which showcased his songwriting skills and vocal prowess.

1980s: The 1980s saw Peter Allen reaching the pinnacle of his career. He released a string of successful albums, including “Bi-Coastal” (1980), which featured the hit single “I Go to Rio.” This infectious track became one of his signature songs and remains popular to this day. Allen’s live performances during this era were legendary for their energy and showmanship.

1988: Peter Allen received the prestigious Academy Award for his song “Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do)”, which was featured in the film “Arthur” and performed by Christopher Cross. This achievement solidified his status as a world-class songwriter.

1990s: Allen continued to tour and release albums, including “Making Every Moment Count” (1990) and “At His Best” (1993). His music continued to resonate with audiences, and he maintained a strong fan base.

1992: Tragically, Peter Allen’s life was cut short when he passed away from complications related to AIDS on June 18, 1992. His death was a significant loss to the music industry and his fans worldwide.

Throughout his career, Peter Allen’s music encompassed a range of genres, including pop, rock, and cabaret. His songs were known for their heartfelt lyrics and catchy melodies, and he was celebrated for his lively stage presence.


  1. “Peter Allen” (1972)
  2. “Tenterfield Saddler” (1972)
  3. “Continental American” (1974)
  4. “Taught by Experts” (1976)
  5. “Bi-Coastal” (1980)
  6. “Not the Boy Next Door” (1983)
  7. “Captured Live at Carnegie Hall” (1985)
  8. “Making Every Moment Count” (1990)
  9. “At His Best” (1993)

Members of the Band

While Peter Allen was a solo artist, he often collaborated with talented musicians and backup singers during his live performances and recording sessions. The specific members of his band varied over the years, but they all contributed to the electrifying energy of his concerts and albums.

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