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Ramon Ayala: A Brief History and Timeline

Ramon Ayala, born on December 8, 1945, is an iconic Mexican norteño and conjunto music accordionist and songwriter. Often referred to as the “King of the Accordion,” Ayala has crafted some of the most enduring tunes in the genre. Below is a brief history and timeline of significant events in his life and career:


  • 1963: Ramon Ayala forms his first group, Los Jilgueros de Marin, at the age of 18.
  • 1969: Forms another ensemble, Los Pavorreales.


  • Early 1970s: Ramon partners with Cornelio Reyna to create the legendary duo, Ramon Ayala y Sus Bravos del Norte. Together, they revolutionized norteño music and became a hallmark of the genre.
  • 1971: They release their hit song “Mi Tesoro,” which solidifies their place as leading figures in norteño music.
  • 1975: Cornelio Reyna departs from the group to pursue a solo career in mariachi music. This was a significant transition in Ayala’s career, but he continued to thrive.


  • Throughout the 1980s: Ayala introduces various vocalists, including Antonio Sauceda and Eliseo Robles, keeping the essence of his music alive.
  • 1986: Wins his first Grammy for Best Mexican-American Performance for “En Vivo…El Hombre Y Su Música.”


  • 1994: Ayala celebrates his 30th anniversary in the music industry, marking three decades of contributions to Mexican music.
  • 1996: Earns another Grammy for Best Mexican-American Performance for “Mas Puro Que Nunca.”


  • 2001: Ramon Ayala earns a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a testament to his enduring influence on Mexican-American music and culture.
  • 2009: Faces legal challenges related to a performance in Mexico, but he continues to produce music and tour throughout the decade.


  • Throughout the 2010s: Ayala continues to tour, introducing his music to younger generations and keeping the traditions of norteño alive.


Over the years, Ramon Ayala has released numerous albums, showcasing his talent as an accordionist and his role in the evolution of norteño music. A few notable albums include:

  1. “Corridos Famosos” (1973)
  2. “El Disco De Oro” (1981)
  3. “En Vivo…El Hombre Y Su Música” (1986)
  4. “20 Corridos Bien Perrones” (1996)
  5. “Tragos Amargos” (2009)

(This is just a small selection of his vast discography.)


Throughout his career, various members have been part of Ramon Ayala y Sus Bravos del Norte. Notable members include:

  1. Cornelio Reyna (vocals) – One of the original members and a significant figure in the group’s early success.
  2. Eliseo Robles (vocals) – Played a pivotal role in the group’s success in the latter part of the 20th century.
  3. Antonio Sauceda (vocals) – Contributed to the group’s enduring popularity.

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