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Sibylle Baier: History and Timeline

Sibylle Baier is a German folk singer-songwriter, best known for her deeply emotional and poetic music. Her ascent to recognition has been a unique and gradual one, with much of her work seeing the light of day decades after it was originally recorded.

Early Life

Born in the late 1950s, Sibylle Baier grew up in Germany, a country recovering from the trauma of World War II. As a young girl, she was inspired by the music around her, especially the burgeoning folk and singer-songwriter movements of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Emergence as a Songwriter

In the early 1970s, Baier began to write and record songs at home, using a basic reel-to-reel tape recorder. These intimate recordings captured her unique voice and delicate guitar-playing, paired with her poetic lyricism that explored themes of love, loss, and introspection. However, these songs were primarily personal works, shared only with close friends and family.

Rediscovery and Recognition

Sibylle’s son, Robby Baier, rediscovered his mother’s recordings in the early 2000s. Recognizing the significance and beauty of her work, he made efforts to get them heard. This culminated in the 2006 release of “Colour Green,” an album consisting of the home recordings Sibylle made in the 1970s. Once released, the album garnered widespread acclaim for its haunting beauty and raw emotion. This unexpected recognition led to a renewed interest in Baier’s work, with many fans and critics alike regarding her as a “lost treasure” of folk music.

Later Years and Legacy

Even with the renewed interest in her music, Sibylle Baier remained reclusive, avoiding the limelight and choosing not to tour extensively. However, her work continued to inspire and influence a new generation of folk artists and listeners who were captivated by the depth and simplicity of her recordings. Over the years, her legacy has solidified as an unsung hero of the folk music world, with her work being celebrated for its timeless quality.


  • “Colour Green” (2006): This is the album that brought Baier’s early recordings to a wider audience. Comprising tracks recorded in the 1970s, it stands as a testament to her raw talent and poetic vision. Standout tracks include “Tonight,” “I Lost Something in the Hills,” and “The End.”

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