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Tamar Braxton is a multi-talented artist known for her dynamic voice, vibrant personality, and contributions to the world of music and entertainment. Born on March 17, 1977, in Severn, Maryland, she hails from the illustrious Braxton family, a musical dynasty that includes her older sister, Toni Braxton. Tamar’s journey is marked by her distinctive voice, resilience, and her ability to shine as both a singer and a reality television personality.

Tamar Braxton’s musical journey began in the early 1990s when she formed a singing group with her sisters, called The Braxtons. The group, which included Trina, Towanda, Traci, and Tamar herself, released their debut album “So Many Ways” in 1996. While the album didn’t achieve significant commercial success, it laid the groundwork for Tamar’s future endeavors.

Tamar’s solo career took off in the early 2000s when she signed with DreamWorks Records and released her debut self-titled album, “Tamar”, in 2000. The album showcased her vocal prowess and R&B sensibilities, featuring tracks like “If You Don’t Wanna Love Me” and “Get None”. Despite the album’s positive reception, it didn’t catapult her into mainstream stardom.

In 2012, Tamar Braxton gained widespread recognition through her appearance on the reality show “Braxton Family Values”, which offered an intimate look into her life and relationships with her sisters and family. Her candid personality and memorable one-liners endeared her to viewers, leading to her own spin-off reality series, “Tamar & Vince”, which followed her life with her husband, music executive Vincent Herbert.

Tamar’s musical career reached new heights with the release of her second studio album, “Love and War”, in 2013. The album’s title track, “Love and War”, became a massive hit, showcasing her emotional depth and vocal range. The album’s success established Tamar as a solo artist to watch in the R&B and soul genres.

Her subsequent albums, “Calling All Lovers” (2015) and “Bluebird of Happiness” (2017), further solidified her reputation as a talented vocalist with a penchant for heartfelt ballads and soulful tracks. Tamar’s music resonates with audiences through her ability to convey raw emotions and personal experiences.


  1. “Tamar” (2000)
  2. “Love and War” (2013)
  3. “Calling All Lovers” (2015)
  4. “Bluebird of Happiness” (2017)

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