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The history of The Acacia Strain is a chronicle of unrelenting aggression, musical evolution, and unapologetic expression. Hailing from Massachusetts, the band has carved a path within the metalcore and deathcore genres, leaving an indelible mark on the heavy music landscape. Formed in the early 2000s, The Acacia Strain has navigated through lineup changes and creative exploration while remaining steadfast in their commitment to creating visceral and impactful music.


  • 2001: The Acacia Strain is founded by Vincent Bennett as the band’s vocalist and remains the constant driving force behind the project. The band takes its name from an analogy involving a tree’s struggle to grow against the odds, reflecting the band’s approach to their music.
  • 2002: The band releases their debut album, “3750,” which serves as an introduction to their signature blend of crushing breakdowns, guttural vocals, and emotionally charged lyrics. The album’s raw energy attracts a dedicated following within the metalcore scene.
  • 2004: With their sophomore album, “…And Life Is Very Long,” the band refines their sound and solidifies their presence in the hardcore and metal communities. The album’s intricate riffing and darkly introspective themes garner attention from both fans and critics.
  • 2006: The release of “The Dead Walk” further cements The Acacia Strain‘s status as a dominant force in the deathcore genre. The album’s brutal sound and uncompromising aggression set a benchmark for the band’s sonic direction.
  • 2008: The band takes a departure from their earlier sound with the release of “Continent.” The album incorporates more experimental elements while retaining their trademark heaviness, showcasing their willingness to evolve creatively.
  • 2012: The Acacia Strain releases “Death Is the Only Mortal,” an album that explores themes of mortality and human fragility. The album’s blend of crushing riffs and introspective lyrics showcases the band’s growth and maturity.
  • 2014: The band releases “Coma Witch,” a concept album that delves into the realms of dreams, nightmares, and the subconscious. The album’s diverse songwriting and emotionally charged delivery display their willingness to push artistic boundaries.
  • 2019: The Acacia Strain releases “It Comes in Waves,” a collection of tracks that demonstrates their penchant for experimentation. The album’s combination of heavy riffs and atmospheric interludes adds a new dimension to their discography.
  • 2021: The release of their album “Slow Decay” highlights The Acacia Strain‘s ability to adapt and remain relevant in an ever-changing musical landscape. The album’s reflective lyrics and diverse sonic palette resonate with both longtime fans and newcomers.


  1. “3750” (2002) – Album
  2. “…And Life Is Very Long” (2004) – Album
  3. “The Dead Walk” (2006) – Album
  4. “Continent” (2008) – Album
  5. “Wormwood” (2010) – Album
  6. “Death Is the Only Mortal” (2012) – Album
  7. “Coma Witch” (2014) – Album
  8. “Gravebloom” (2017) – Album
  9. “It Comes in Waves” (2019) – Album
  10. “Slow Decay” (2020) – Album


  • Vincent Bennett: Vocals
  • Devin Shidaker: Guitar
  • Griffin Landa: Bass
  • Tom Smith: Guitar
  • Kevin Boutot: Drums

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The Acacia Strain‘s journey is one of sonic intensity, creative exploration, and unwavering dedication to their craft. As they continue to shape the heavy music scene with their aggressive soundscapes and evolving approach, their legacy remains one of authenticity and artistic evolution. From their early days of underground prominence to their current status as a genre-defining band, The Acacia Strain stands as a testament to the power of relentless passion and uncompromising vision.


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