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The Age of Information, formerly known as Trading Yesterday, is an American band with a captivating history that spans multiple years and a genre-shifting journey. Originally hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, the group made a name for themselves in the realm of alternative rock. The band’s years of activity can be traced back to 2003, and they left an indelible mark on the music scene until 2007.

2003: The story of The Age of Information, previously Trading Yesterday, commenced in 2003, when the band was initially formed in Little Rock, Arkansas. The founding members, David Hodges and Mark Colbert, envisioned a musical journey that would blend elements of alternative rock to create a distinctive sound that would resonate with listeners.

2004-2005: The band’s early years were marked by a significant development when they signed with Epic Records in 2004. This partnership offered them a platform to share their unique musical vision with a wider audience. During this time, they began to gain recognition and momentum in the music industry.

2005: In the summer of 2005, The Age of Information, then known as Trading Yesterday, achieved a breakthrough moment with the release of their first single, “One Day.” This single was a heartfelt composition that showcased their lyrical prowess and melodic talents. It was a glimpse into the emotional depth that would become a hallmark of their music.

2006: The band was diligently working on their debut album, “More Than This,” during this year. The album was highly anticipated by their growing fanbase, promising to deliver more of the emotionally charged and musically rich content that had already captured the hearts of their listeners.

2007: Unfortunately, despite the promise and anticipation, the band faced obstacles that led to a hiatus in 2007. This pause in their journey left fans eagerly awaiting their return and the release of the much-anticipated “More Than This” album.

2011: After several years of uncertainty, the band resurfaced in 2011 with a renewed sense of purpose. They rebranded themselves as The Age of Information, signaling a fresh chapter in their musical journey. It was during this year that they independently released “More Than This,” finally delivering on the promise made years earlier. The album was a testament to their unwavering commitment to their artistry.


  • “The Beauty and the Tragedy” (Demo CD, 2004)
  • “More Than This” (Album, 2011)


  • David Hodges: A co-founder of the band, David Hodges played a pivotal role in shaping the band’s unique sound with his songwriting and musical talents.
  • Steven McMorran: Steven McMorran contributed his own musical skills and creative input to the group’s dynamic.
  • Josh Dunahoo: Josh Dunahoo added his musical talents and creativity to the band’s evolving sound.
  • Will “Science” Hunt: Will Hunt, known by the moniker “Science,” brought his skills to the band, contributing to their musical journey.

Past Member:

  • Mark Colbert: Mark Colbert, a co-founder of the band, played a role in shaping their early creative direction.

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