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The Agonist is a Canadian metal band that has left an indelible mark on the metal scene with their unique blend of melodic death metal and metalcore elements. The band’s history and timeline are a testament to their evolution and perseverance in the music industry.

The Agonist was formed in 2004 in Montreal, Quebec, initially under the name “The Tempest.” The founding members included guitarist Danny Marino, bassist Chris Kells, and drummer Simon McKay. However, the band underwent a significant change in 2007 when they welcomed Alissa White-Gluz as their new vocalist, marking a pivotal moment in their history. With her powerful and versatile voice, Alissa would become one of the band’s defining features.

In 2007, they also changed their name to “The Agonist” to better reflect their musical style and lyrical themes. This shift in identity would lead to a series of significant developments for the band.

The Agonist’s timeline is marked by a series of releases and tours that have solidified their reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the metal genre. In 2007, they released their debut album, “Once Only Imagined,” which showcased Alissa White-Gluz’s impressive vocal range and lyrical prowess. The album received critical acclaim and set the stage for their future endeavors.

Over the years, The Agonist continued to refine their sound, blending elements of extreme metal with melodic hooks and intricate songwriting. Their follow-up albums, including “Lullabies for the Dormant Mind” (2009) and “Prisoners” (2012), garnered a loyal fan base and demonstrated the band’s growth as musicians.

In 2014, another significant change occurred when Alissa White-Gluz departed from the band to join Arch Enemy as their new lead vocalist. This transition led to the recruitment of vocalist Vicky Psarakis, who brought her own unique style and energy to the group.

Despite this change, The Agonist’s momentum remained strong. They released their album “Eye of Providence” in 2015, showcasing Vicky Psarakis’s powerful vocals and the band’s continued musical evolution.

The band’s commitment to touring and live performances also played a vital role in their journey. They have shared the stage with renowned metal acts and have toured extensively, both in North America and internationally, building a dedicated fan base along the way.

In 2019, The Agonist released “Orphans,” an album that further solidified their place in the metal world. With tracks that ranged from blistering aggression to hauntingly melodic, the album was a testament to their growth and creativity.

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, The Agonist continues to be an active and influential force in the metal scene. Their timeline is a testament to their ability to adapt, evolve, and thrive in an ever-changing music industry.


  1. “Once Only Imagined” (2007)
  2. “Lullabies for the Dormant Mind” (2009)
  3. “Prisoners” (2012)
  4. “Eye of Providence” (2015)
  5. “Orphans” (2019)


  • Danny Marino (Guitar)
  • Chris Kells (Bass)
  • Simon McKay (Drums)
  • Vicky Psarakis (Vocals)

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