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The Answer is a Northern Irish rock band that emerged onto the music scene with a distinctive blend of classic rock influences and modern energy. Formed in 2000 in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, the band’s history is marked by their dedication to the rock genre and their ability to channel the spirit of legendary rock acts while creating a sound that’s entirely their own.

The band’s early years were defined by their live performances, which quickly gained them a reputation for their high-energy shows and charismatic stage presence. Cormac Neeson (vocals), Paul Mahon (guitar), Micky Waters (bass), and James Heatley (drums) came together to form a lineup that would become the core of The Answer’s sound.

The Answer’s timeline gained momentum in 2005 with the release of their debut album, “Rise.” The album was met with critical acclaim, earning comparisons to classic rock icons like Led Zeppelin and AC/DC due to its raw energy and Neeson’s powerful vocals. Songs like “Under the Sky” and “Into the Gutter” showcased their dynamic sound and marked the band’s arrival on the rock scene.

In 2008, The Answer released their second album, “Everyday Demons.” This album continued to solidify their reputation as a force in modern rock, with tracks like “Demon Eyes” and “On and On” further demonstrating their ability to capture the spirit of classic rock while infusing it with a contemporary edge. The album’s success led to international tours and appearances at major festivals.

The band’s third album, “Revival” (2011), showcased a slightly different direction, exploring a more bluesy and soulful side of their sound. Songs like “Nowhere Freeway” and “Vida (I Want You)” demonstrated their versatility as they expanded their sonic palette. Despite these explorations, The Answer’s signature hard-rock sound remained at the core of their identity.

In 2013, the band released “New Horizon,” marking a return to their rock roots. This album featured a more polished production and saw the band collaborating with renowned producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith. The title track “New Horizon” and “Spectacular” exemplified their commitment to creating anthemic rock songs.

Throughout their history, The Answer has garnered a reputation for their relentless touring and live performances. Their stage presence and ability to connect with audiences have remained a consistent hallmark of their career. They’ve shared stages with rock legends like AC/DC and Whitesnake, further solidifying their status as a respected rock act.


  • Rise” (2006)
  • Everyday Demons” (2009)
  • Revival” (2011)
  • New Horizon” (2013)
  • Raise a Little Hell” (2015)
  • Solas” (2016)
  • In This Land” (2021)


  • Cormac Neeson (vocals)
  • Paul Mahon (guitar)
  • Micky Waters (bass)
  • James Heatley (drums)

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The Answer‘s journey in the rock scene has showcased their commitment to the genre’s roots while infusing it with their own unique style. With their compelling performances, anthemic songs, and unrelenting dedication to rock music, they’ve earned their place among the notable rock acts of their era. Through their discography and live shows, they continue to captivate audiences with their timeless and electrifying sound.

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