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History and Timeline of The Automatic:

The Automatic, originally known as The Automatic Automatic, was a Welsh rock band that gained recognition for their energetic live performances and catchy alternative rock music. Formed in Cowbridge, Wales, the band went through several phases and lineup changes during their active years. Here’s a timeline of their musical journey:

2002: The band was formed in Cowbridge, Wales, by members Robin Hawkins (vocals, bass), James Frost (guitar, vocals), Iwan Griffiths (drums), and Alex Pennie (synthesizers, vocals). They initially went by the name White Rabbit before changing it to The Automatic Automatic.

2006: The band released their debut single, “Recover,” which received positive reviews and marked their entry into the music scene. The song showcased their energetic and anthemic sound.

2006: The Automatic Automatic released their debut album, “Not Accepted Anywhere.” The album featured tracks like “Monster,” “Raoul,” and “Recover.” It received critical acclaim and helped establish the band’s reputation as an emerging alternative rock act.

2007: The band underwent a name change, becoming The Automatic. The decision to drop “Automatic Automatic” was influenced by legal reasons and a desire for a simpler name.

2008: They released their second album, “This Is a Fix,” which included tracks like “Steve McQueen” and “Interstate.” The album showcased their evolution as musicians and songwriters.

2010: The Automatic announced a hiatus, and various members pursued solo projects and collaborations during this period.

2011: The band briefly reformed for live performances and festivals, reconnecting with their fanbase.

2015: The Automatic officially disbanded, and members continued to explore their individual musical endeavors.

The Automatic’s music was characterized by its blend of rock, punk, and electronic elements, making them a standout presence in the alternative rock scene.


Here is a list of The Automatic’s notable releases:

  1. “Not Accepted Anywhere” (2006) – Debut Album
    • Notable Tracks: “Monster,” “Raoul,” “Recover”
  2. “This Is a Fix” (2008) – Album
    • Notable Tracks: “Steve McQueen,” “Interstate,” “Magazines”


Throughout their history, The Automatic went through various lineup changes. As of September 2021, the core members included:

  • Robin Hawkins (vocals, bass)
  • James Frost (guitar, vocals)
  • Iwan Griffiths (drums)
  • Alex Pennie (synthesizers, vocals) – Left the band in 2007

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