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History and Timeline of The Avener

The Avener, born as Tristan Casara, is a French DJ, producer, and electronic music artist known for his fusion of deep house, electro, and indie pop elements. His rise to prominence in the electronic music scene has been marked by captivating remixes and original tracks. Here’s a timeline highlighting key events and milestones in the history of The Avener:

1987 – Birth of Tristan Casara:

  • Tristan Casara, the talent behind The Avener, was born on January 23, 1987, in Nice, France.

2014 – Breakthrough with “Fade Out Lines”:

  • The Avener gained international recognition with his single “Fade Out Lines,” a remix of the song by Phoebe Killdeer and The Short Straws. The track became a chart-topping hit across Europe and marked his breakthrough in the music industry.

2015 – Debut Album “The Wanderings of the Avener”:

  • The Avener released his debut studio album, “The Wanderings of the Avener.” The album featured a blend of original compositions and remixes and included tracks like “Castle in the Snow” and “To Let Myself Go.”

2016 – Touring and Festival Appearances:

  • The Avener embarked on a series of live performances and festival appearances, showcasing his dynamic DJ skills and captivating stage presence.

2019 – Second Studio Album “Heaven”:

  • The Avener released his second studio album, “Heaven,” which included original tracks like “Beautiful” and “Under The Waterfall.” The album continued to highlight his ability to fuse electronic and indie elements seamlessly.

2021 – Ongoing Musical Journey:

  • As of the current year, The Avener continues to create and perform music, collaborating with various artists and exploring new sounds within the electronic music genre.


The Avener’s discography showcases his signature style of electronic music:

Studio Albums:

  1. The Wanderings of the Avener” (2015)
    • Notable Tracks: “Fade Out Lines,” “Castle in the Snow,” “To Let Myself Go”
  2. Heaven” (2019)
    • Notable Tracks: “Beautiful,” “Under The Waterfall,” “Wild”

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The Avener’s unique blend of electronic music genres and his ability to craft infectious remixes and original tracks have made him a prominent figure in the electronic music scene. Follow him on his official social media accounts to stay updated on his music releases and performances.

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