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The Backseat Lovers is an indie rock band hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, that has been gaining attention for their energetic performances, heartfelt lyrics, and captivating melodies. Formed in 2018, the band’s relatively short history is marked by their rapid rise to prominence in the indie music scene and their ability to connect with listeners on a personal and emotional level.

The band was founded by Josh Harmon (vocals, guitar) and Jonathon Jackson (bass), who had been friends since their high school years. The duo’s shared passion for music led them to collaborate and eventually form The Backseat Lovers. They were later joined by Jon Rose (drums) and Juice Welch (guitar), completing the lineup that would contribute to their distinctive sound.

In 2019, The Backseat Lovers released their debut album, “When We Were Friends,” which showcased their knack for creating music that blended indie rock with elements of folk and alternative rock. The album’s lead single, “Kilby Girl,” quickly gained traction and introduced the band to a wider audience. The song’s nostalgic lyrics and infectious melody struck a chord with listeners, setting the tone for the band’s future releases.

The Backseat Lovers’ music is characterized by its honest and relatable lyrics, often centered around themes of love, personal growth, and the challenges of navigating life’s ups and downs. Songs like “Pool House” and “Just a Boy” resonated with fans who appreciated the band’s ability to convey complex emotions through their music.

In 2020, The Backseat Lovers released their sophomore album, “When We Were Friends – Deluxe,” which featured a reimagined version of their debut album along with additional tracks. The band’s commitment to evolving their sound and pushing creative boundaries was evident in this release, as they experimented with different musical elements and arrangements.

The band’s music began to gain attention on streaming platforms, allowing them to amass a dedicated fan base beyond their local scene. Their ability to create anthemic choruses and melodies that stuck in listeners’ minds contributed to their rapid rise in popularity.

In 2021, The Backseat Lovers released their highly anticipated album, “I’m Here, You’re Here.” The album showcased their growth as musicians and songwriters, offering a mix of introspective ballads and upbeat tracks. Songs like “Heavy” and “Kilby Girl – Reimagined” displayed their dynamic range and their ability to craft emotionally charged music.

As a live band, The Backseat Lovers’ performances are known for their infectious energy and the genuine connection they establish with their audience. Their live shows are an extension of their music, creating an intimate and engaging experience for fans.


  • When We Were Friends” (2019) – Studio Album
  • When We Were Friends – Deluxe” (2020) – Studio Album
  • I’m Here, You’re Here” (2021) – Studio Album


  • Josh Harmon (vocals, guitar)
  • Jonathon Jackson (bass)
  • Jon Rose (drums)
  • Juice Welch (guitar)

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