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The Boxer Rebellion is a British indie rock band known for their emotive and atmospheric sound, blending elements of alternative rock and post-rock. Formed in London in 2001, the band’s name itself evokes a sense of resilience and struggle, a theme that often resonates through their music. Over the years, they have garnered a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim for their compelling compositions and dynamic live performances.


  • 2001: Nathan Nicholson (vocals, guitar) and Todd Howe (lead guitar) form The Boxer Rebellion, later joined by Adam Harrison (bass) and Piers Hewitt (drums).
  • 2003: The band’s early demos gain attention, and they independently release their debut self-titled album, “The Boxer Rebellion.”
  • 2005: The band signs with Mercury Records, a major milestone in their career.
  • 2009: Union, the band’s second album, is released. The album receives critical acclaim and further establishes The Boxer Rebellion’s distinctive sound.
  • 2010: The band’s music gains wider exposure as their song “If You Run” is featured in the trailer for the video game “Alan Wake.”
  • 2011: The Boxer Rebellion’s third album, “The Cold Still,” is released, showcasing their continued evolution and growth as a band.
  • 2013: The band releases their fourth album, “Promises,” which features a more electronic and experimental approach.
  • 2016: Ocean by Ocean, the band’s fifth album, is released, blending introspective lyrics with a more polished sound.
  • 2018: The Boxer Rebellion releases their sixth album, “Ghost Alive,” which explores themes of love, loss, and nostalgia.
  • 2021: The band’s seventh album, “Ghost Alive,” is released, marking another chapter in their artistic journey.


  • The Boxer Rebellion” (2003)
  • Union” (2009)
  • The Cold Still” (2011)
  • Promises” (2013)
  • Ocean by Ocean” (2016)
  • Ghost Alive” (2018)
  • Ghosts” (2021)


  • Nathan Nicholson (Vocals, Guitar)
  • Todd Howe (Lead Guitar)
  • Adam Harrison (Bass)
  • Piers Hewitt (Drums)

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