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THE BOYZ, a South Korean boy group formed by Cre.ker Entertainment, has swiftly risen to prominence in the K-pop scene with their dynamic performances, unique concepts, and vibrant energy. Comprising eleven members, the group has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with their talent, charisma, and dedication.


  • 2017: THE BOYZ was unveiled through the reality show “Flower Snack,” showcasing the members’ skills and personalities before their official debut.
  • December 6, 2017: The group made their debut with the extended play (EP) “The First” featuring the title track “Boy.” The EP showcased their versatility and garnered attention from K-pop enthusiasts.
  • 2018: THE BOYZ began 2018 with the release of their second EP, “The Start,” including the popular track “Giddy Up.” Their youthful energy and impressive choreography garnered attention from fans and critics alike.
  • 2019: The group continued to shine with their third EP, “Bloom Bloom,” which showcased a more mature and confident image. The title track gained popularity for its catchy melody and colorful visuals.
  • 2020: In August, THE BOYZ released their fifth EP, “Chase,” featuring the hit single “The Stealer.” The EP marked a departure from their previous concepts, highlighting a darker and more intense side.
  • 2021: THE BOYZ released their sixth EP, “Thrill-ing,” with the title track “Thrill Ride.” The EP showcased their growth as artists and their ability to experiment with different musical styles.


  • The First” (2017)
  • The Start” (2018)
  • Bloom Bloom” (2019)
  • Reveal” (2020)
  • Chase” (2020)
  • Thrill-ing” (2021)


  • Sangyeon
  • Jacob
  • Younghoon
  • Hyunjae
  • Juyeon
  • Kevin
  • New
  • Q
  • Juhaknyeon
  • Sunwoo
  • Eric

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