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The Brook & The Bluff is an American indie rock band known for their soulful melodies, tight harmonies, and captivating live performances. Formed in Birmingham, Alabama, the band’s journey from local gigs to national recognition is a testament to their musical talent and dedication.


  • 2013: Joseph Settine (vocals, guitar) and Alec Bolton (drums) meet at Samford University and start making music together.
  • 2015: John Canada (bass, vocals) joins the duo, completing the trio’s lineup.
  • 2016: The Brook & The Bluff perform at local venues in Birmingham, quickly gaining a reputation for their engaging live shows.
  • 2017: The band releases their debut self-titled EP, showcasing their harmonious sound and songwriting prowess.
  • 2018: Their single “Masks” gains popularity on streaming platforms, earning them a wider fanbase.
  • 2019: The Brook & The Bluff release their full-length album “First Place”, receiving acclaim for its emotive lyrics and dynamic arrangements.
  • 2020: Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the band continues to connect with fans through virtual performances and online content.


  • “The Brook & The Bluff” (2017) – EP
  • “First Place” (2019) – Album


  • Joseph Settine (vocals, guitar)
  • Alec Bolton (drums)
  • John Canada (bass, vocals)

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