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The Brothers Comatose, an American folk/bluegrass band, has carved out a distinct place in the music world with their vibrant performances and genre-blending sound. Formed in San Francisco, the group has captivated audiences with their energetic live shows and unique blend of traditional roots music and modern influences.


  • 2009: The Brothers Comatose is formed in San Francisco, California, featuring members Ben Morrison (guitar, vocals), Alex Morrison (banjo, vocals), Philip Brezina (violin, vocals), Ryan Avellone (mandolin, vocals), and Gio Benedetti (bass, vocals).
  • 2010: The band releases their debut album, “Songs from the Stoop,” which captures their raw and lively stage presence.
  • 2012: The Brothers Comatose’s sophomore album, “Respect the Van,” showcases their growth as musicians and songwriters.
  • 2016: Their third album, “City Painted Gold,” solidifies their reputation as a band to watch, with a blend of folk, bluegrass, and Americana influences.
  • 2020: The group releases “The Songs of the Brothers Comatose,” a collection of reimagined versions of their own songs featuring various artists.


  • “Songs from the Stoop” (2010) – Album
  • “Respect the Van” (2012) – Album
  • “City Painted Gold” (2016) – Album
  • “The Songs of the Brothers Comatose” (2020) – Album


  • Ben Morrison: Guitar, Vocals
  • Alex Morrison: Banjo, Vocals
  • Philip Brezina: Violin, Vocals
  • Ryan Avellone: Mandolin, Vocals
  • Gio Benedetti: Bass, Vocals

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