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The Brothers Johnson, comprised of George and Louis Johnson, is a legendary R&B and funk duo that left an indelible mark on the music industry during the 1970s and 1980s. Their innovative sound, characterized by smooth harmonies and infectious rhythms, made them one of the most iconic acts of their era.


  • 1975: George and Louis Johnson officially form The Brothers Johnson and sign with A&M Records.
  • 1976: The duo releases their debut album, “Look Out for #1,” featuring the hit single “I’ll Be Good to You.”
  • 1977: They follow up with their sophomore album, “Right on Time,” which includes the popular track “Strawberry Letter 23.”
  • 1980: The Brothers Johnson release the album “Light Up the Night,” produced by Quincy Jones, which becomes a commercial success.
  • 1984: The duo releases their final studio album, “Out of Control,” marking the end of their partnership as active recording artists.


  • “Look Out for #1” (1976) – Album
  • “Right on Time” (1977) – Album
  • “Blam!” (1978) – Album
  • “Light Up the Night” (1980) – Album
  • “Winners” (1981) – Album
  • “Blast!” (1982) – Album
  • “Out of Control” (1984) – Album


  • George Johnson: Vocals, Guitar
  • Louis Johnson: Vocals, Bass

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