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The Browning, a pioneering electronicore band hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, has carved a unique niche in the world of music with their fusion of electronic dance music (EDM) and metalcore. Here is a comprehensive history and timeline of the band’s journey through the years:

Formation (2005-2008)

The Browning had its beginnings in 2005 when lead vocalist and programmer Jonny McBee decided to form a band that combined his love for electronic music with the intensity of metalcore. In 2007, the band solidified its lineup with Cody Stewart on drums, Brian Moore on lead guitar, and Rick Lalicker on bass. With the lineup complete, they embarked on a journey to create a sound that was truly unique in the metal scene.

Debut EP and Early Releases (2009-2011)

In 2009, The Browning released their debut EP titled “Standing on the Edge.” This EP was a promising introduction to their electronicore sound, blending heavy guitar riffs with electronic elements seamlessly. It garnered attention from fans and critics alike, setting the stage for their future endeavors.

The band continued to refine their sound and released their debut full-length album, “Burn This World,” in 2011. This album showcased their innovative approach, with tracks like “Bloodlust” and “Time Will Tell” fusing metalcore breakdowns with electronic beats and synthesizers.

Continued Evolution (2012-2014)

The Browning’s evolution as a band continued with the release of their second album, “Hypernova,” in 2013. This album marked a more polished and mature sound, with tracks like “Gravedigger” and “Fifth Kind” demonstrating their growth as musicians and songwriters.

During this period, the band also toured extensively, sharing stages with other notable acts in the electronicore and metal scenes. Their energetic live performances further solidified their reputation as a must-see band.

Geist and Lineup Changes (2015-2017)

In 2015, The Browning released their third album, “Geist.” This album saw them experimenting with new elements and pushing the boundaries of their electronicore sound. Tracks like “Pure Evil” and “Cynica” showcased their willingness to explore different musical territories while staying true to their core sound.

Around this time, the band experienced some lineup changes, with Rick Lalicker departing and Jonny McBee taking over bass duties in addition to his vocal and programming roles. Despite the changes, The Browning continued to forge ahead with their unique sonic vision.

Isolation and Maturation (2018-2020)

The year 2018 brought the release of “Isolation,” the band’s fourth studio album. This record demonstrated a more mature and refined sound, with tracks like “Carnage” and “Amnesia” displaying a balance between heavy aggression and melodic electronic elements. The Browning had come a long way since their inception, and their evolution was evident in this release.

The End of Existence (2021-Present)

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, The Browning’s timeline extends into the future with their continued commitment to creating innovative music. It is likely that they have been working on new material and continuing to tour to connect with their fanbase.


Here is a list of The Browning’s main studio albums up to September 2021:

  1. “Burn This World” (2011)
  2. “Hypernova” (2013)
  3. “Geist” (2015)
  4. “Isolation” (2018)


  • Jonny McBee: Lead Vocals, Programming, and Bass
  • Cody Stewart: Drums
  • Brian Moore: Lead Guitar
  • Rick Lalicker: Bass (until his departure; Jonny McBee took over bass duties)

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