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Ziggy Alberts, born Alexander Lloyd Ebert on June 4, 1994, in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, is a talented singer-songwriter and environmental advocate known for his heartfelt music and commitment to sustainability. His musical journey, characterized by his captivating acoustic sound and meaningful lyrics, has earned him a dedicated following and recognition as a unique voice in the folk and indie music scenes.

Early Musical Aspirations and Independence (2010s): Ziggy Alberts’ love for music blossomed during his teenage years, and he began performing at local venues in Australia while still in high school. In 2011, he independently released his debut EP, “Feathers & Down,” which laid the foundation for his career as a singer-songwriter. Alberts’ early work was marked by its raw authenticity and emotional depth, qualities that would become hallmarks of his music.

“Land & Sea” and Breakthrough (2014): In 2014, Ziggy Alberts released his debut studio album, “Land & Sea.” This album marked a significant turning point in his career, earning him critical acclaim and introducing his music to a broader audience. Songs like “Gone” and “Simple Things” showcased his melodic sensibilities and evocative storytelling.

Passion for Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Touring: Apart from his music, Ziggy Alberts is deeply passionate about environmental sustainability. He has made it a personal mission to reduce his ecological footprint, incorporating eco-friendly practices into his life and music career. Notably, he embarked on a “Green July Tour” in 2016, which aimed to minimize the environmental impact of touring by using renewable energy sources and reducing single-use plastics.

Continued Musical Evolution and Recognition (2010s-Present): Over the years, Ziggy Alberts has continued to release albums and EPs that reflect his growth as an artist. Albums like “Laps Around the Sun” (2018) and “Searching for Freedom” (2020) have solidified his place in the folk and indie music scenes. His music often explores themes of love, self-discovery, and his deep connection to nature.

Alberts’ commitment to his craft and values has earned him accolades and a devoted fanbase. He remains an independent artist, producing his music and maintaining creative control over his career.

Ziggy Alberts Discography:

  • “Feathers & Down” (2011)
  • “Made of Water” (2013)
  • “Land & Sea” (2014)
  • “Four Feet in the Forest – EP” (2015)
  • “Yours – EP” (2017)
  • “Laps Around the Sun” (2018)
  • “Searching for Freedom” (2020)

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Ziggy Alberts’ music is not only a testament to his artistic talent but also a reflection of his deep connection to the environment and his commitment to making a positive impact on the world. As he continues to create soulful and environmentally conscious music, his influence as a singer-songwriter and advocate for sustainability continues to grow.

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