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History and Timeline of AxeWound

AxeWound is a British-Canadian supergroup formed in the realm of heavy metal and hard rock. With its lineup comprising talented musicians from various bands, AxeWound has made an impact on the metal scene. Let’s explore the history and timeline of this dynamic collaboration.

Formation and Collective Vision (2012)

AxeWound came into existence in 2012, driven by a collective vision of creating heavy and intense music. The project was a collaboration between members of different bands, each bringing their unique style and expertise to the table.

Debut Album “Vultures” (2012)

In the same year of its formation, AxeWound released its debut album titled “Vultures.” The album showcased a ferocious blend of metalcore, punk, and hard rock elements. Tracks like “Cold” and “Exorchrist” demonstrated the band’s ability to deliver high-energy and aggressive music.

Live Performances and Touring (2012-2013)

Following the release of “Vultures,” AxeWound embarked on live performances and touring to bring their explosive sound to audiences around the world. Their live shows were characterized by intense energy and powerful stage presence.

Exploration of Musical Influences (Years of Exploration)

AxeWound’s music is marked by the exploration of various musical influences within the heavy metal spectrum. Their compositions featured elements of metalcore, punk rock, and traditional heavy metal, offering a diverse listening experience.

Legacy and Influence (Present Day)

While AxeWound’s activity may have fluctuated over the years, the impact of their music on the heavy metal genre and their influence on aspiring metal musicians continues to be felt in the present day. Their dedication to pushing sonic boundaries and delivering aggressive, hard-hitting music contributes to their enduring legacy.


AxeWound’s discography includes their debut album “Vultures” (2012). While the text does not specify additional releases, the band’s contribution to heavy metal may include singles, collaborations, or other projects that are part of their musical portfolio.

Members Name

AxeWound consists of talented musicians from different bands. While the specific names of the members are not provided in the text, the band’s lineup at the time of their collaboration in 2012 would have included:

  • Liam Cormier: Known for his role in Cancer Bats.
  • Matt Tuck: Recognized for his involvement in Bullet for My Valentine.
  • Mike Kingswood: A guitarist from the band Glamour of the Kill.
  • Joe Copcutt: Bassist from Rise to Remain.
  • Jason Bowld: Drummer known for his work with bands like Pitchshifter and Bullet for My Valentine.

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