Before Today Information

Before Today, a musical project spearheaded by American artist Pierce McGarry, has carved a unique niche in the indie rock scene with their eclectic sound, poignant lyrics, and evocative performances. The project’s history and timeline reflect its evolution from its inception to creating a distinctive sonic landscape.

Before Today’s musical journey began with Pierce McGarry, known for his involvement in various bands like Walter TV and Mac DeMarco’s touring band. In 2010, McGarry released Before Today’s debut album, “A Celebration of an Ending.” The album’s tracks, including “Backwards and Forwards” and “Riding the Pigs,” introduced Before Today’s blend of psychedelic rock, experimental elements, and reflective lyrics.

The project’s early years were characterized by its fluidity, with McGarry collaborating with a rotating lineup of musicians. This approach allowed Before Today’s sound to remain dynamic and ever-changing, adapting to the creative vision of its core member.

In 2015, Before Today released their second album, “Before Today,” which further showcased their sonic exploration. The album’s tracks, such as “Gypsy,” and “Nature Boy” delved into dreamy textures, intricate arrangements, and McGarry’s emotive vocals. The project’s name shared a title with the album, embodying its essence of introspection and sonic experimentation.

The years that followed saw Before Today’s evolution continue, as the project’s sound expanded to encompass a wide array of influences, from folk to psychedelic rock to lo-fi aesthetics. McGarry’s creative vision remained the driving force behind the project’s sonic tapestry.


  1. A Celebration of an Ending” (2010) – Debut Album
  2. Before Today” (2015) – Album

Before Today’s timeline is marked by its exploration of sound, as McGarry’s musical journey led to the creation of a sonic identity that defies easy categorization.

The members and contributors to Before Today’s music have included:

  • Pierce McGarry (vocals, various instruments)

While Before Today’s musical output is central to its artistic legacy, its ever-evolving lineup and the influence of collaborators have played an important role in shaping its unique sound.

Before Today’s history and timeline underscore the project’s commitment to sonic exploration and creative evolution. From their debut album to subsequent releases, the project’s ability to seamlessly blend genres and capture emotion through music is a testament to McGarry’s artistic vision.

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