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Benab, born Youness Benabdelouahed, hails from the heart of Sevran, Seine Saint-Denis (93). This talented French rapper swiftly carved a niche for himself in the competitive world of French rap, with a unique voice and lyricism that resonates with many.


  • 2018: Benab’s introduction to the music world was explosive. His single “Baléares”, released on May 4, served as a strong foundation for the artist. The track not only marked his entry but also showcased the rapper’s potential to bring something fresh to the table.
  • 2019: This was a significant year for Benab. Building on his initial success, he churned out a series of hits. Collaborative tracks like “Hey Mama” featuring Kalash Criminel, “Rude” alongside Maes, and the single “Yalil” saw Benab gaining more recognition in the rap industry. These releases paved the way for bigger things. In late August, Benab released “Intro”, a prelude to his eagerly anticipated debut album.
  • September 27, 2019: Benab’s debut album, “Dracarys”, is launched. With this album, he proved that he wasn’t just another name in the vast world of rap. He had the depth, the voice, and the talent to stand out.
  • 2021: Benab didn’t rest on his laurels. On February 19, he dropped his second album, “Au clair de la rue, Pt. 1”. The album was well-received, further emphasizing Benab’s place in the rap industry. Recognizing the demand and love from his fans, he reissued this album on October 29 with added tracks or content, further enriching the musical experience.

Throughout his career, Benab’s authenticity shines through his work. His lyrics, often rooted in his experiences and observations from Sevran, resonate with many who seek genuineness in music.


  1. “Baléares” (2018): The single that marked the inception of a promising rap career.
  2. “Dracarys” (2019): Benab’s debut album, showcasing his diverse talent and lyrical prowess.
  3. “Au clair de la rue, Pt. 1” (2021): His second studio album, which was later reissued, demonstrating his growth as an artist.


  • Kalash Criminel on “Hey Mama”
  • Maes on “Rude”

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