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Benjamin Dakota Rogers is a Canadian singer-songwriter known for his unique voice, intricate lyricism, and proficiency in various stringed instruments. His music, deeply rooted in folk traditions, captivates listeners with its evocative narratives and heartfelt emotions.

Early Life:

  • Musical Beginnings: From a tender age, Benjamin exhibited an intrinsic passion for music. Raised in a rural setting, he found solace in the beauty of nature and channelled this inspiration into his songwriting.


  • Debut Release: Benjamin Dakota Rogers released his debut album “Wayfarer”. This collection of songs introduced the world to his poetic songwriting and multi-instrumental prowess.


  • “The Strong Man’s Address to the Circus Crowd”: This album further showcases Benjamin’s evolving style, with a mix of folk and Americana influences.


  • Recognition: With the release of “Whisky & Pine,” Rogers starts gaining recognition in the folk community, with notable tracks highlighting his storytelling abilities and instrumental talent.


  • “Better by Now”: Benjamin releases this album, demonstrating maturity in his songwriting and further solidifying his reputation as a significant figure in contemporary folk music.


  • Continued Growth: Benjamin Dakota Rogers continues to perform at various venues and festivals, further growing his fanbase. He’s lauded for his live performances, which often feature raw vocals, foot percussion, and his mastery of string instruments.

Throughout his career, Benjamin Dakota Rogers has been celebrated for his genuine, authentic approach to music. He draws from personal experiences and observations, creating relatable songs that strike a chord with listeners across different walks of life.


  1. Wayfarer (2013)
  2. The Strong Man’s Address to the Circus Crowd (2015)
  3. Whisky & Pine (2016)
  4. Better by Now (2019)


  • Benjamin Dakota Rogers – Vocals, Various Instruments

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