Eva Cassidy Information

Eva Cassidy, an American singer known for her extraordinary vocal talent and diverse musical repertoire, left a profound impact on the music world despite her untimely passing. This timeline explores the life and career of Eva Cassidy, a true musical gem.

Early Life and Introduction to Music (1963 – 1980s)

  • February 2, 1963: Eva Marie Cassidy is born in Washington, D.C., USA.
  • She grows up in a musical family and is exposed to various genres, including folk, jazz, and gospel.

Early Performances and Local Recognition (1980s – Early 1990s)

  • Eva Cassidy begins performing at local venues in the Washington, D.C. area during the 1980s.
  • She gains recognition for her soulful voice and versatility, often performing with a wide range of musical styles.

Collaborations and Studio Recordings (1990s)

  • In the 1990s, Eva Cassidy collaborates with musicians like Chuck Brown, and they record the album “The Other Side” (1992).
  • Her studio recordings capture her unique ability to interpret songs across different genres.

Recording Sessions with Chris Biondo (1992 – 1996)

  • Eva forms a close musical partnership with producer and bassist Chris Biondo.
  • Together, they record various tracks, many of which would become posthumously acclaimed.

“Live at Blues Alley” (1996)

  • Eva Cassidy’s live album “Live at Blues Alley” is recorded at the famous jazz club in Washington, D.C.
  • The album showcases her remarkable vocal range and interpretive skills.

Posthumous Recognition and Worldwide Fame (Late 1990s – Present)

  • Eva Cassidy’s music gains international acclaim following her passing in 1996.
  • Albums like “Songbird” (1998) and “Time After Time” (2000) feature previously recorded tracks, garnering widespread attention.

Legacy and Enduring Influence (Ongoing)

  • Eva Cassidy’s legacy endures, with her music continuing to inspire and move listeners around the world.
  • Her rendition of “Over the Rainbow” remains one of her most celebrated performances.

Eva Cassidy Discography

Studio Albums (Selected)

  1. The Other Side” (1992)
  2. Eva by Heart” (1997)
  3. Time After Time” (2000)

Live Albums

  • Live at Blues Alley” (1996)
  • Simply Eva” (2011)

Posthumous Albums

  • Songbird” (1998)
  • Imagine” (2002)

Notable Tracks

  • Eva Cassidy’s repertoire includes iconic tracks like “Fields of Gold,” “Autumn Leaves,” and her stunning rendition of “Over the Rainbow.”

Members and Collaborators

  • Chris Biondo: Producer, bassist, and close collaborator with Eva Cassidy.

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